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Telegram / Viber / Messanger Bot

Booking an appointment in bot

Appointment for a specific date and time

Integration with payment systems

Own admin panel

Newsletter to patient

Built-in CRM system

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CRM system for clinic

Integration with Bots

Integration with IP telephony

Online appointments

Notifications to patients


File storage

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Where telemedicine is applicable

Remote diagnostics

Anamnesis taking and making a primary diagnosis to the patient. Transferring data from client devices to the doctor

Remote trainings for doctors

медперсонала и проведение практических занятий под удаленным контролем специалиста

Home Telemedicine

Interaction with the doctor without his visit to the house. Counseling, patient support remotely

Remote patient monitoring (RPM)

Monitoring the patient’s condition, signals for the treating physician in case of emergency. Accompanying the patient during rehabilitation

Remote consultation

Consultation with patients on video / audio communication. Providing medical information anywhere in the world

Medical support in emergencies and disasters

Providing medical care in emergency situations, assessing the severity of patients in conditions with an unprepared place and when the presence of a doctor is not possible.

Benefits for the patient

  • Convenience: Patients do not have to take time away from work for an appointment. There is also no travel time or associated expenses, such as paying for gas or child care.
  • Increased access: Patients in rural areas can obtain specialty services, such a mental health treatment or post-surgery follow up, that they otherwise might not get without traveling a large distance for an in-person visit. Similarly, patients who live in federally designated, underserved areas have increased access to primary, dental and mental healthcare.
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Benefits of telemedicine for clinics and doctors

  • Reduced cancellation of visits: due to inconvenience for patients. Doctors can contact later or at the appointed time if the patient has forgotten about the appointment.
  • Getting information about the patient’s condition without his personal presence.
  • Joint online consultation, data sharing, discussion of tests, joint operation under the supervision of a more qualified doctor.
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Telemedicine implementation

To learn more about the benefits of implementing telemedicine for your medical center, please contact our specialist.