High technology greatly simplifies the work of doctors and become everyday. We present you an overview of the most interesting medical startups that today help save the lives of patients.


Axonics Modulation Technologies is committed to challenging major players in the field of neuromodulation. Irvine is developing a new implanted technology for the neuromodulation of the sacral nerve to treat patients with disorders of the urinary tract and intestinal dysfunction, planning to further expand the platform to other clinical sectors in the future. The Axonics r-SNM system is equipped with a miniature rechargeable implanted stimulator that will last at least 15 years. The system also has a charging system and a convenient remote control and programming function.


4C Medical Technologies

Large medical firms are actively seeking the best ways to treat the mitral valve. 4C Medical Technologies has proposed an original solution. The AltaValve 4C Medical device allows you to save the native mitral valve and the left ventricle by continuing the treatment of mitral regurgitation. The idea of ​​creating AltaValve won the first place in the competition for cardiovascular research, which was held March 3-6, 2018 in Washington.

Day Zero Diagnostics

Day Zero Diagnostics is in the process of developing a new class of diagnostics that quickly identifies the antibiotic needed to help the patient in a particular situation. The system will identify target antibiotics in five hours, rather than in a few days, which will allow doctors to abandon broad-spectrum antibiotics.


Gel-E develops a variety of different solutions using blood oratic technology, including strips, films, bandages and gels, designed for both outdoor and indoor use. The company has made significant progress compared to commercial chitosan-based hemostasis and has been recognized as the leading innovator in the field by the late Stephen Hawking.


Recently, the offer of the company is gaining popularity. Livongo for diabetics. The Livongo for health solution consists of a special medical device, and a cloud-based virtual medical application. The gadget performs the functions of a meter and a pedometer, is connected to the mobile network and allows you to exchange information with your doctor and relatives.

Sonex Health

Sonex Health representatives widely advertise their SX-One MicroKnife with Meerkat technology. SX-One MicroKnife allows you to re-fight carpal tunnel syndrome. If earlier this procedure was performed in the operating room, now with the help of the invention of Sonex Health the operation can be performed in a surgical center or office. The system performs surgical intervention through one micro-section under ultrasound guidance. As a result, faster patient recovery and cost reduction occurs.

Preliis Biologics

This company has patented tissue engineering technology based on the creation of 3D printing to create fabrics. The method is based on the creation of microcirculation for the proper supply of organs with oxygen and nutrients. Representatives of Prellis Biologics, their technology will accelerate the speed of the production of organs by 1000 times.

Portal instruments

Portal Instruments has developed a technology for delivering an injection without using a needle and puncture. The product of the company makes an injection into the hairline, using computer technology of precise pressure to control the jet stream. This invention greatly facilitates the life of patients with severe chronic diseases who need regular administration of drugs.


Metavention has developed a new way to treat type 2 diabetes. Metabolic neuromodulation therapy is a simple cardiovascular procedure that allows you to control the level of elevated blood glucose levels of diabetics.


Modern medical robots are large and single-purpose systems, but the German company Medineering is developing a new generation of robotics, focused on a variety of operations. The company plans to create a whole portfolio of robotic devices designed to assist patients in the most difficult situations, particularly in operations in the head and neck area. Medineering has already launched its first robotic solution – Medineering Robotic Endoskopy, which has already been used in clinical cases.

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