The management of a medical center today is a difficult process that requires a lot of time and money. To help the manager to cope with the workflow and reduce the cost of administrative staff can automate the medical center. The effect of introducing electronic technologies into the work of the hospital will be felt for several months already in the form of new clients, savings and free time, which used to be spent on filling out papers and spreadsheets in Excel.

What to choose for the clinic: MIS or CRM?

The modern market of medical information systems is literally overflowing with various programs designed to improve the work of the clinic, so it’s really hard to choose a quality product. Often, hospital directors neglect CRM using only MIS, but this choice is not always justified. The medical information system allows you to manage the processes within the clinic, but it cannot offer that CRM functionality for working with clients. Putting two programs at once is also not the most optimal solution, since using two systems will not allow collecting data together and getting correct analytics of medical business processes. Therefore, the best way out for the clinic is to install an MIS with integrated CRM. Such a product will cost less and quickly bring the desired result.

This is exactly the solution our company offers! MIS with the functionality of a full CRM!

Functioning MIS for the management of a medical institution

First of all, this program module uses the clinic manual. It is possible to distinguish the following opportunities offered by MIS.

  • Accounting of medicines, materials and equipment.
  • Formation of management reporting based on existing templates, including reporting for fiscal services.
  • Work with all types of medical records. Analytics of the clinic, analysis of key indicators of the effectiveness of the medical institution.
  • Task scheduler for staff, calendar and schedule for doctors.
  • Accounting clinic, the calculation of staff salaries based on the results of their activities, which are recorded in the system.

CRM for clinic

Medical CRM system is important for the proper construction of the institution’s relations with clients. Thanks to her, the director of the clinic can recreate a complete history of the relationship with the patient. CRM for clinics includes a number of functions. 

  • Information about the channel through which the patient came.
  • IP telephony. The ability to monitor and analyze calls.
  • Data on the calculations of the patient with the clinic.
  • Monitoring the treatment of the client, his visits to the clinic.
  • Online registration to the doctors.
  • SMS alerts, as well as convenient communication between doctors and patients.


The possibilities of modern medical computer systems are constantly expanding, there are more and more innovative solutions to improve the work of medical institutions. Therefore, the acquisition of an MIS system is a great way to move the clinic one step further towards leadership in the healthcare market.

Do not waste time! Increase the efficiency of your clinic today!

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