Top 10 Medical Marketer’s Tools

A steady flow of clients is a must for any clinic. To achieve this, and there is medical marketing, without which it is extremely difficult to manage a modern medical institution. And although the promotion of medical services has its own specifics, the main tools of the medical marketer are basically the same as those […]

Features of medical information systems

Each modern medical institution has a huge amount of data and documentation, work with which takes a lot of time. Since the functionality of conventional CRM is not enough, medical information systems have been created for clinics that significantly automate the activities of the medical center, saving money and time. Why is a medical information […]

The most intersting medical startups in 2018

High technology greatly simplifies the work of doctors and become everyday. We present you an overview of the most interesting medical startups that today help save the lives of patients. Axonics Axonics Modulation Technologies is committed to challenging major players in the field of neuromodulation. Irvine is developing a new implanted technology for the neuromodulation […]

How to create a website for a doctor?

In the modern world there is no field of activity in which it would be possible to do without a site. Of course, this also applies to medicine, where a beautiful and properly designed website will help to stand out among competitors and attract customers.  People often are looking for information about the doctor on […]

Blockchain and the Medicine – Health Records

  Although blockchain is one of the world’s most recent technologies, it has already spread among the whole world, penetrated in every single branch of our lives. Naturally, the medicine just couldn’t stay away at the time of huge “blockchain-boom”. In particular, this technology has found itself as the solution of the health records problem. […]