Although blockchain is one of the world’s most recent technologies, it has already spread among the whole world, penetrated in every single branch of our lives. Naturally, the medicine just couldn’t stay away at the time of huge “blockchain-boom”. In particular, this technology has found itself as the solution of the health records problem.

Most of us are familiar with the health records problem: records can be lost, information, dispersed between the clinics, make patients to be tested twice, and lack of patient’s disease’s history details can even cause diagnostic mistakes.

According to the “Premier Healthcare Alliance”, this problem costs 150 000 lives and 18,6 million USD annually.

So there are some projects which are pioneers in this new area (Data is taken in September of 2018 ).



“MEDIBLOC” is using blockchain for the storing the client’s health recordings. Using his keys client can analyze his data, or allows the clinics access to his records also, using smart-contracts, the patient can share his information with researches and gain tokens in reward. Having all the data stored in the one place, solve the problem of losing data. And the ability to explore the whole blockchain revile the whole disease history of the client. At the end of 2018 the platform will be officially presented, and in the 2019 “MEDIBLOC” is going to start a large-scale integration into the medical sector. Their tokens price is 0,003148 USD and the market cap is 9 364 949 USD.




One more project, working on the same ground. It has the idea similar to the “MEDIABLOC”: developing blockchain platform for storing the client’s data, creating a global register of the health records. Also “MEDICALCHAIN” is adapting its platform for TV-medicine and applications developers. Now the platform is under testing. Their coin can be bought for 0,023923 USD, and the market cap is nearly 4,9 million USD.



Another platform, which allows users to keep their data on one database, share them with others and provide the information to the clinics. Based on the “Ethereum”, “MEDICHAIN” use all its advantages: decentralization, anonymization… Clinics and doctors with its help will be able to create their own tokens, which on the founder opinion, will become the main currency in the sphere of medical services. Patients will earn money for their medical data and researchers will have access to it for a small payment. In the future, we are supposed to use the tokens to receive the grants and the direct impact of the tokens owners on the course of research. There are 100 000 000 MCU tokens, issued by now.





As the solution of the medical recording problem «Massachusetts Institute of Technology» is developing its own platform based on “Ethereum”. Despite the same idea and goal as “MEDIBLOC” and “MEDICALCHAIN”, the realization of the project is significantly different. Using the access levels, “MEDREC” allows its miners to use some anonymized data for their medical development as the reward. Smart-contracts adds flexibility to the platform and gives users the ability to change their data access level and to manipulate their information. Now the project is in the process of developing the second version of the platform “MEDREC 2.0” which is going to be open source when the working prototype will be ready.

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